Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) studentships

Four AQM awards will be available for entry in October 2017. Candidates who wish to be considered for an AQM award will need to have already met the basic core research methods training in accordance with the ESRC’s 2015 postgraduate training guidelines, in addition to having set out an AQM training programme in conjunction with their proposed supervisor, alongside the main focus of the research topic.
The AQM programme should indicate the level and nature of training planned for each year of the PhD, and how it links to the proposed research. It is expected that applications will detail both general core and subject specific AQM methods training.
Aspects of proposed AQM may include the following, depending upon the subject area and proposed research:

  • advanced quantitative methods of data collection
  • advanced data analysis techniques that are appropriate for survey and aggregate data analysis
  • specific experimental, quasi-experimental or evaluation methods, if applicable
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