Director's Welcome

David Mills - Grand Union DTP Director

A very warm welcome to our Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership. As Director, I am very proud of our ESRC scholars, and of the strong and innovative collaboration we are building between Oxford, Open University and Brunel University London. I have been interested in research training ever since I was a graduate student, and in creating opportunities for research students to build innovative research networks, gain valuable professional experience and skills, and prepare for a range of future careers.

We have lots of ambitions for our partnership, much like the founders of the Grand Union canal. Bringing together our different strengths, we aim to widen access to postgraduate research, attracting a new and more diverse generation of scholars with a range of professional, policy and academic expertise. I am lucky to have some great colleagues, including my associate directors Professor Steve Pile (OU) and Professor Tess Kay (Brunel), who share this vision and the possibilities our partnership offers. 

If you have been awarded a scholarship, many congratulations. If you are thinking of applying, do use this site to find out more. If you have other questions, please just get in touch.

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