DTP Internship schemes

The Grand Union DTP offers its ESRC-funded students access to support for undertaking internships of up to 3 months in length with a demonstrable Knowledge Exchange (KE) element during the funded period of their studentships. Support is provided in the form of a paid extension to a studentship commensurate with the length of the internship undertaken, as well as up to £3,000 for expenses incurred during the course of the internship.

There are two schemes that students can use in order to access this support (please note that students can only undertake one supported internship, using either of the schemes - if students wish to undertake a second internship, they are advised to suspend their studentships for the duration of the additional opportunity):

DTP Internship Support Scheme

Students who already have an organisation in mind with whom they would like to undertake an internship can access this scheme to apply for support.  The internship should be negotiated from the start with KE in mind. The host organisation needs to be informed of the KE goals and should identify the benefits of the activities within the organisation. The host organisation must provide evidence that the internship/placement will have a significant KE element, and will need to confirm in writing that there will be benefit to both the student and themselves. In their application, students provide a statement indicating what they hope to gain from the internship, and how the internship/placement is relevant to their research. Students are made aware that the internship/placement must involve a demonstrable two-way flow of information/knowledge between the student and the organisation, with substantive user engagement on both sides (in accordance with the ESRC’s requirements).

Social Sciences Doctoral Internship Programme

Students who would like to undertake a supported internship, but aren't sure of where to start, can access support through the Social Sciences Doctoral Internship Programme. The Programme is very similar to the DTP Internship Support Scheme, with the added benefit that students can access expertise and resources within the Careers Service to help guide them through the process of organising an internship, from identifying organisations to work with, through to negotiating the terms of an internship.

Two students funded by the Oxford ESRC Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) who undertook internships through the above schemes have written case studies outlining how they benefitted from undertaking an internship - please use the links to the left to find out more.


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