Student representatives

We have student 'pathway representatives' for each pathway within the DTP. Their role is to ensure that students can voice concerns, or make suggestions related to their doctoral experience within their pathway or the DTP more broadly.

They meet three times a year with academic and administrative staff within the DTP, who can then take forward any issues raised by pathway representatives and those students on their pathways. The minutes of the meetings are reported to the DTP Management Board.

Current pathway representatives are as follows:

Student Email Pathway
Maria Salaru Anthropology
Jasmina Arnez Criminology
Katie Ball Economic & Social History
Annina Hessel Education
Laura Grima Experimental Psychology
Cyrus Nayeri Geography
Laura Brouwer International Development
Kira Huju International Relations
Marco Fabio De Moraes Guarini International Relations
Sarah Mahmood Linguistics
Heli Helanummi-Cole Management & Finance
William Allen Migration
Jonas von Hoffmann Politics
Jaleh Zand Quantitative Finance
Laura Molloy Social Science of the Internet
Anneloes Hoff Socio-Legal Studies
Elena Butti Socio-Legal Studies
Ivo Gruev Socio-Legal Studies
Nicolo Cavalli Sociology
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