Events 2022/23

The Grand Union DTP, its students, and the Scholars' Association host a variety of events across the partnership covering a wide range of topics and themes.  All upcoming events can be viewed on the Grand Union DTP website on this page. Additional events not directly sponsored by the GUDTP but still highly relevant to Social Sciences students are also listed below. 

Upcoming DTP Events January to April 2023

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Where: GUDTP Hub Space, Manor Road Building, Oxford

When: Thursday 2nd Feb 16:00-17:30

How to register: via Microsoft Forms here: 


Combining methods and insights from across disciplines is often seen as one of the most fruitful ways to generate innovative ideas, and to address real-world challenges that transcend subject areas. But what does interdisciplinarity really mean? What are the pros and cons of adopting an interdisciplinary approach? And how do you do it in practice?


This session will critically explore the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity, through a panel discussion drawing together academic perspectives that use interdisciplinarity within the social sciences, as well as between the social sciences and areas within the remit of other research councils such as the natural sciences and the humanities. It will also include an interactive exercise that will enable participants to work in small interdisciplinary groups to design a research proposal to tackle a major global challenge.


To navigate the session, we will be joined by four researchers, from different disciplines, all doing fascinating research across the social sciences, and in some cases, at the interface with the sciences and the humanities:


  • Prof. Dominic Johnson, Alastair Buchan Professor of International Relations
  • Dr Katie Higgins, Postdoctoral Fellow on the Changing Elites, Department of Social Policy and Intervention
  • Gabriele Paone, DPhil student in Anthropology
  • Prof. Naohiko Omata, Associate Professor in International Development


Please note, this event is only for Masters and PHD students from The University of Oxford, Brunel University, and the Open University. Please register using your University email address.

Where: Online via Teams

When: Thursday 16th Feb 16:00 -17:00

How to register: via Microsoft Forms here:


This is an opportunity to meet with your cohort in an informal friendly setting. there will be breakout groups to encourage conversations with your cohort to discuss the Social Sciences and there will be opportunity to chat about non-Social Sciences topics. Members of the Scholars Association will also be present to chat about their upcoming events and will help lead the discussions.


Please note, this event is only for ESRC funded DTP students from The University of Oxford, Brunel University, and the Open University. Please register using your University email address. 


Where: GUDTP Hub Space, Manor Road Building, Oxford

When: Thursday 2nd Mar 11:00-15:00

How to register: via Microsoft Forms here:


What makes for a successful collaborative placement? How can you connect with the organisation you’ve always wanted to work with? One of the most exciting opportunities of being an ESRC-funded student is the chance to undertake a collaborative placement with a non-academic organisation, for up to 3-months. This can be with business, government, or non-profit organisations.  


This mini-conference will offer an information and networking opportunity to enable you to make the most of the collaborative placement. At the event, you will learn about ‘collaboration’, hear from students themselves about their experiences of placements, and meet representatives from organisations interested in receiving ESRC-funded students.


We're still confirming the speakers, but at previous collaboration fairs, we’ve been able to welcome representatives from Google, the Bank of England, the United Nations, Oxford Analytica, the IOM, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Deloitte, Oxford City Football Club, and the Cabinet Office, for instance. Come along and be inspired!


Please note, this event is only for Masters and PHD students from The University of Oxford, Brunel University, and the Open University. Please register using your University email address.

External Events & Training Opportunities

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During the 2020-21 academic year, the Social Sciences Division ran Oxford Minds, an online curriculum enrichment programme for our graduate students. It aimed to cover on the issues that matter for Oxford, for the social sciences, and for the wider world -- that we ‘mind’. It covered themes, theory, and methods. 

In Michaelmas 2021, these were continued with Oxford Minds through fortnightly online discussions and debates and then were made available on the SSD website. The series will provide an opportunity for the Social Sciences Division to convene conversations that transcend departments and lie at the core of the social sciences.  

These can be found online here along with recordings from previous events.


Please find below the relevant links to access researcher development training opportunities at each partner institution. 



Where specific training is not available at your home institution, training courses may be available instead at one of our partner institutions. If you have any questions about accessing training listed on the above sites, please make the DTP office at your home institution your first contact and they can assist you from there. 


In 2004 the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) set up the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) at the University of Southampton. NCRM was tasked to increase the quality and range of methodological approaches used by UK social scientists through a programme of training and capacity building, and with driving forward methodological development and innovation through its own research programme.

The courses are very reasonably priced for students and they are covering a wide range of topics, offered by both NCRM as well as external training providers. 

Students can browse the full training database here

Past Event Links

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Please see the tab on the left-hand side or click here to access the library of Grand Union DTP event recordings made available to students. 


(This series has completed - recordings of the below sessions are now available for viewing at the same link)

The Department of International Development has organised a series called the 'Oxford Development Talks' to showcase the best of Oxford thinking on international development and to make it accessible to a wider general public. The talks will take a variety of forms, from lectures to interviews, and will take key ideas from research and explain them in an accessible way. All the talks will be live on Zoom at regular points during Trinity Term 2020. Themes will include:


  • 'How Covid-19 Will Affect the Global Poor'

Monday 18th May, 2pm 

Sabina Alkire 

  • 'China's Growth Strategy, and What It Means for the World'

Tuesday 26th May, 2pm 

Xiaolan Fu

  • 'Space, Class and Social Distancing in the Indian City'

Monday 1st June, 2pm 

Nandini Gooptu

  • ‘Migration Control and Human Rights in the Pandemic Era'

Monday 8th June, 2pm 

Cathryn Costello

  • 'The Growing Costs of Inequality: Lessons from Latin America'

Monday, 15th June, 2pm 

Diego Sanchez-Ancochea

  • 'Islam in the Changing World'

Friday, 19th June, 2pm 

Masooda Bano

  • 'The Politics of Pandemics in Africa' 

Monday, 22nd June, 2pm 

Simukai Chigudu 

  • 'Should We Abolish Immigration Control?'

Monday, 29th June, 2pm 

Matthew Gibney 


To access the complete programme and registration details, please visit

ESRC Grand Union DTP Year Card

You can find the ESRC Grand Union DTP Year Card for 2022/23 here. Please note dates for events from January onwards are provisional and may change. 


Please visit the ESRC's website here to access a list of upcoming events directly sponsored or operated by the research council.

Social Sciences Researcher Development Term Card 2022

You can find the Oxford Social Sciences Researcher Development Term Card for January to April 2023 here. To book onto an event you will need to use the Single Sign-On login.