Scholars Association

All scholars are automatically members of the Grand Union Scholars Association, an independent sudent society that runs academic and social networking events. It's a great way to meet other scholars from across the partnership. The Scholars Association is supported by a Committee (whose membership is drawn from existing ESRC scholars), some of the key officers of which are as follows:


Ivo Gruev - Scholars Association President

Ivo Gruev

"My name is Ivo and I am the president of the organising committee of the ESRC Scholars Association. I am starting the second year of my doctorate in Law (Socio-Legal Studies). My research focuses on individual access to constitutional adjudication and the rights-protecting function of young constitutional courts in post-authoritarian societies.  We created the ESRC Scholars Association in order to promote a more active involvement of the ESRC scholars body on the governing level.

The function of the association is twofold. Firstly, to represent your interests and voice your concerns and demands at the governing body level. Secondly, we want to offer a platform for social and academic events, initiated and organised by ESRC scholars. Our aim is to build a stronger community spirit and to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue in Oxford and beyond.

If you want to get involved, or have any suggestions/queries, do feel free to get in touch on or through your pathway representative(s)!”


Will Allen - Scholars Association Academic Officer

Will Allen

“Hello! I’m Will Allen, and I’m the academic officer on the ESRC Scholars Association. I’m in my second year of a DPhil in Politics, on the Migration Studies pathway. My research focuses on the ways that media impact what people think about immigration—and the role that different ways of communicating through numbers or narrative storytelling play in these processes. Since 2012, I’ve also been working with the Migration Observatory here at Oxford in getting research into public and policy debate.

My role is to help all ESRC-funded students—at all stages of the their degrees—in achieving their professional and research goals, whether that is finding ways of engaging with groups outside of academia, linking up with other disciplines to develop new ideas, or alerting us to additional training opportunities. If there are experiences, skills, or opportunities that you want support with, please feel free to get in touch either with your pathway representative or directly to me at”


Laura Grima - Scholars Association Secretary

Laura Grima

“Hi all! I’m Laura and I’m the Secretary of the ESRC Scholars’ Association. I’m going in the third year of my D.Phil. in Experimental Psychology, and my research focus is the role of the brain neurotransmitter dopamine in motivation and reward-processing.

I’m excited to be a part of the new Association and I look forward to meeting more ESRC scholars, both new and old, in the coming year!”





Christian Ruckteschler - Scholars Association Treasurer

Christian Ruckteschler

"Hello! I’m Chris and I’m the Treasurer of the ESRC Scholars’ Association. I’m in the second year of the MPhil in Economics, and as such am combining taught courses with extensive research. The focus of my thesis research is on international economics and the political economy in the Middle East, while my coursework is mostly theoretical microeconomics and in particular game theory. I also have a keen interest in new technologies and pursue projects assessing their potential and impact on society.

My role as Treasurer is to make sure that we have the resources to pursue all the projects, activities and events that our community of scholars comes up with – and, of course, to keep the books in order. I also get involved with organizing events and look forward to seeing many of you there! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at”


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