Data Protection Notice

As the Grand Union DTP is a partnership spanning three institutions (Brunel University, The Open University and the University of Oxford), a single open competition is operated on an annual basis in order to determine which students from the three institutions will be awarded studentships to begin in the following academic year. All applicants who are put forward for consideration for a Grand Union DTP studentship by the relevant training pathway will therefore have their application materials assessed by the open competition panel. The membership of the panel consists of academic members of staff drawn from the three institutions that make up the partnership, as part of the overall competition for studentships between applicants from across the three institutions. 

Therefore, in order for you to be considered for a Grand Union DTP studentship, your application materials will be shared with and handled by members of staff at the other institutions within the partnership. Information will only be shared with administrative and academic staff directly involved with the Grand Union DTP open competition process. We have to process your data in this way because it is necessary in order to fulfil our obligations to you in respect of the assessment of your application. 

All applicant materials for unsuccessful candidates will be securely disposed of 12 months after the end of the application process. Applicant materials for successful candidates who accept and commence studentships will form a part of the student file and be used for reference and reporting purposes (to the Grand Union DTP’s boards and committees, the University of Oxford, The Open University, Brunel University and the Economic and Social Research Council).

You have the right to see the data that is held about you in respect of your application. If you wish to have a copy of this data please email Please note that there will be a processing fee for this service.